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About the Department:

The Department of Political Science of Mushalpur College has been started with the establishment of the college in 1993. Since then the department has been performing its duty very sincerely and actively to educate the students admitted to the college under the guidelines of the University.
The department of Political Science is one of the important integral parts of the Mushalpur College. The department has been contributing with great effort to make each student of the Department as a responsible and human resource of the country as well as to make each student of the department as a responsible and human resource of the country as well as to make them self- dependent to adjust with the changing situation of the society. At present, the department has been introducing semester system under the CBCS mode and has been offering Honours/Major, Regular/General, SEC, DSE, GE and DSC courses at the Undergraduate level since 2017 under the Bodoland University. The department also provides subject-related Awareness Programmes, Field Study, Departmental Excursion, Workshop, Seminars etc from time to time for the students so as to acquire knowledge of the practical life of the people. Presently, two faculties of the department are appointed as nodal officers of the electoral literary club (ELC) under the Baksa district who has been contributing to educate the college students about Election and Voting System for Success of Indian Democracy.

Objectives of the department:
1. To make the students as a human resource of the country.
2. To make them the students morally responsible toward the human society.
3. To make the students employable in different fields to become self – dependent.
4. To prepare the students to face any interview to get appointment in jobs of their choice.
5. To train the students to face any problem and situation of the changing life and society.
6. To make the students politically conscious for active participation in political system of the country.
7. To make the students as an efficient and good political leaders and administrators of the country.

Course offers:
The department of political science offers the course Honours/Major and Regular/General- both facilities to the students under the CBCS mode on Semester basis of the Bodoland University.
The department of Political Science arranges several important extension programmes to earn and increase practical knowledge of the students such as- subject-related seminar , workshop, field study, Departmental Excursion, Awareness programmes, Career Guidance , Motivational programmes etc.
Faculty Members:

Sl NoName of FacultyDesignationQualificationArea of InterestContact details
01 HEMANTA KR. BOROAssistant Professor (HOD)M.A.

02 BIJUKAN BAROAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil,NETPublic Administration >Ph. 6001638493
03 PRANITA BAROAssistant ProfessorM.A, NETPublic Administration

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