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About the Department:

The Department of ENGLISH has been an integral part of the college since its inception. Established in 1993, the Department of English has been providing knowledge on British Literature, American Literature, Comparative Literature, Indian- English Literature, Linguistics & Stylistics and ELT through teaching of language and Literature amongst the Learner.
English Department is continually committed to imparting quality education in keeping with student-centered teaching- learning process aimed at all- round development of student and the society. To meet the global challenges and be in tune with the current trends, the department conducts evaluation practices and exercises regularly. Focused on providing an overview of literature from aesthetic, linguistic and cultural contexts, the department of English relentlessly strives to promote an intellectual climate by helping the students of literature to develop them in self- exploration and self- realization. The main focus of the department is on a learner –friendly teaching- learning atmosphere through proper guidance, in addition to the regular classes and evaluations.
The mission of English Department is to make the students familiar with representative literary and cultural texts within a significant number of historical, geographical and cultural contexts.

Objectives of the department:
a) The department of English chiefly interested in opening fresh avenues for personality development and command of language skills along with the acquisition of knowledge of subject.
b) The department aims to develop the English communication skills amongst the learner and to make them confident to face the competent world.
c) The department of English aims to improve the reading, listening, and comprehending, writing and research skills of the student.
d) The department aims at the all round development of the personality of the student community.

Course offers:
The English department offers the B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or U.G. ( Under Graduate) Course/ Degree in English language and literature comprising VI ( six ) semesters each to be completed over three (3) academic years. Learners can choose honours (Major) or Regular (General) Course as per CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) offered by Bodoland University. The department of English offers honours, AECC, SEC, DSC and DSE subjects prescribed for the U.G. students under B.U. Students can choose English Honours as per procedure notified by the Department (i.e. - applying and completing the department entrance test etc.)

Faculty Members: English department of Mushalpur College, Mushalpur can take pride in having some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated faculty members.

Sl NoName of FacultyDesignationQualificationArea of InterestContact details
01 KUMAR ANUPAMAssistant Professor (HOD)M.A., M.PhilLinguistics & Stylistics / Indian Literature
Ph. 9401259566
Mail id: kumaranupam036@gmail.com
02 BHRIGU SAUDAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.PhilLinguistics & Stylistics / British Literature. Ph: 7002904250
Mail id: draaj2011@gmail.com
03UMESH DAIMARYAssistant ProfessorM.AAmerican Literature / British Literature. Ph: 8472940440
Mail id: daimaryu3@gmail.com

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