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About the Department:

Economics is one discipline that transcends national boundaries in ways more than one. The study of Economics as an academic discipline can never be overemphasis in a world largely driven by market forces. It is a living science that informs the decisions we make a day to day basis. Majoring in economics opens up career opportunities in Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing firms, Real estates, Government agencies, NGO, etc.
Department of Economics is a prominent department of Mushalpur College which was started in 1993, just with the establishment of the institution. The department started Graduation course offering honours as well as general course from the inception of the institution under Gauhati University and now from 2017 the institution started honours and general course under CBCS mode of Bodoland University.
The department has been producing quality student at regular basis. The department has a library for the benefit of both the teachers and students of the department and books are issued to both as on their need.

Objectives of the department:
1.To impart knowledge of economic affairs of the national as well as the world economy to the students
2.To make the students fit to stand successfully in the competitive world.
3.To make positive academic intervention is one of the hallmarks of the department.
4.To give the research based education to the students.

Course offers:
Economics department offers Honours/Major and Regular/General both facilities to the students under CBCS mode of Bodoland University.

Faculty Members:

Sl NoName of FacultyDesignationQualificationArea of InterestContact details
01 Mr. Mukul PatowaryAssistant Professor (HOD)M.A, PGDHRMicro economics
Agriculture economics
Public Finance,
International economics,
Banking and Finance
Statistical economics, etc.
Ph. 8486391878
Mail id: mukulpatowary1@gmail.com
02DR. Nripen BaroAssistant ProfessorM.A, P.hdMacro economics, Development economics, Indian economics, Banking and Finance, International economics, etc.Ph: 8638568932
Mail id: baronripen1@gmail.com
03Mrs. Sabita RamchiaryAssistant ProfessorM.AMicro economics, Environmental economics, Mathematical economics, Econometrics, Data Analysis, etc Ph: 7002723787
Mail id: sabitaramchiary 209@gmail.com

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