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About the Department:

The department of geography, under the school of earth sciences, is one of the departments which was established in Mushalpur College, Mushalpur affiliated to Bodoland University in the year – 2018. It started functioning from 2019 and currently offers (UG) undergraduate courses- Honours and General courses under the programmes of the study. Geography helps us to explore and understand space and place- recognizing the great differences in cultures, political systems, economies, landscapes and environments across the world, and exploring the links between them. The department is enforced to up bring the study of the core courses in the region. Ever since, the department has been functioning, it has enlightened the students to take up the subject as their core programmes of their study.
It covers core courses such as- Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Social Geography, Human Geography, Population & Settlement Geography, Economic Geography, Geography of India and North East India, Environmental Geography in subsequent semesters.
In addition course includes papers on Cartography, Remote sensing& GIS and dissertation writing. The department has a well equipped Laboratory Facility.
The department is actively involved in organizing workshops, seminars and group discussion for the benefit of the students and the faculty members.
The department also undergoes a field survey cum field study under the course study.
The largest part of the students admitted of this department is from the rural area with scheduled caste and scheduled tribe community. They come from the socially and economically underprivileged classes.
The department has also equipped a good number of books on different aspects of Geography which is circulated throughout the Academic Session.
The department has a wealthy collection of resources like maps, models, chart and atlas for easy learning of learners. The well maintained practical equipments are made necessary for the purpose of the study through the subsequent run of the semesters

Course offers:
The department of geography offers the course Honours/Major and Regular/General- both facilities to the students under the CBCS mode on Semester basis of the Bodoland University.
Faculty Members:

Social Geography
Sl NoName of FacultyDesignationQualificationArea of InterestContact details
01Alangbar RamchiaryAssistant Professor (HOD) M.A. (PGDCA, D.EL.ED)

02 Hiranya BoroAssistant ProfessorM.A. (PGDCA, B.ED)Geo-informatics >Ph. 9101981047

Staff Photos:

Alangbar Ramchiary
Hiranya Boro